Google Wave

This sounds entirely plausible to me, On how Google Wave surprisingly changed my life: I use google wave every single day. I start off the day by checking gmail. Then I look at a few news sites to see if anything of interest happened. Then I open google wave: because that's where my business lives. That's how I run a complicated network of collaborators, make hundreds of decisions every day and organise the various sites that made me $14.000 in december. I can see Google Wave as useful for project management. But for non-professional contexts I guess I like chopping up functionality a bit…
I hadn't logged into my Google Wave account for about a month. No one seems to be using it. But I checked it out the other day, and it seems someone finally contacted me last week...turns out it was an "old friend" who I've been ignoring because of his anti-social personality disorder (blocked him from my regular Gmail account). Thanks Google Wave for helping me reconnect with people who I've been trying to avoid!
I notice more people have Google Wave now. What do you think? I keep leaving blank messages by mistake. Am I the only one?