hair loss

Image from APiS UK   Propolis is a resin-like compound honeybees collect to coat their hives. New research suggests that this compound may increase hair growth as observed in studies of mice. Although the researchers did not test propolis on balding mice, they did find faster hair growth in mice that had been shaved or waxed, which is somewhat promising. Source: Miyata S, Oda Y, Matsuo C, et al. Stimulatory Effect of Brazilian Propolis on Hair Growth through Proliferation of Keratinocytes in Mice.J. Agric. Food Chem. 2014.
Image of bonobos from Photographer Graham McGeorge has captured remarkable images of bonobos, our closest living relative that share 98.7% of human DNA. The photos depict bonobos engaging in similar behaviors as humans, like the image above from another photographer of bonobos embracing each other. McGeorge also captured images of bonobos caring for their young as well as a bonobo who lost his hair with advancing age. Truly a must-see! Click here to view images from this touching display.