hate mail

Clive Hamilton describes the hate mail campaign against climate scientists: Australia's most distinguished climate scientists have become the target of a new form of cyber-bullying aimed at driving them out of the public debate. In recent months, each time they enter the public debate through a newspaper article or radio interview these scientists are immediately subjected to a torrent of aggressive, abusive and, at times, threatening emails. Apart from the volume and viciousness of the emails, the campaign has two features - it is mostly anonymous and it appears to be orchestrated. I'm not…
tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, hate mail, Richard Dawkins, streaming video Richard Dawkins responds to some hate mail sent by those architects of brotherly love, god's own followers, christians.
tags: religion, fundamentalism, christianity, atheist meets god, Edward Current, streaming video It's the moment of judgment for one fool who says there is no God. Christians, get ready to laugh as he learns his eternal fate!