Yesterday I posted this photo and offered up a prize for the best caption. "Well, me and Joan been together...oh, 'most forty years now. Eats a lot, but she's been good to me, sure enough! Hey, don't make fun of the uniform... [whispers] Joan kinda' likes a man-in-uniform, servin' her dinners, knowwhatImean? [wink]" The winner is Matthew Garcia (twitter / blog)! The runner up, simply because I actually laughed out loud when I read it, is Enrique Guttierez (twitter / blog), who offered the following: "Hokey pokey!" Gentlemen, email me or DM me your mailing addresses, and a limited edition…
This photo, titled "Zookeeper Ernie Bowman and Hippopotamus, Joan, London, 1934" comes to us via The Guardian. Comment with your best photo caption - as many as you want. Winner will get a limited edition Scienceblogs Thoughtful Animal mug. I will chose a winner in 24 hours. The photo is © 2011 Curatorial Assistance, Inc/E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection
WTF! National Geographic via the inimitable Ugly Overload: