tags: condoms, manufacturing, technology, factory, education, streaming video Well, now this is an interesting video: how condoms are made. The manufacturing process is actually quite interesting, and my favorite part was stress-testing the condoms. I wonder what the people who work in that factory say when asked at a dinner party what they do for a living?
This weekend I got a chance to play around with ScribTex which is a tool for collaborating on LaTeX. In my short test drive, I will say it's one of the better solutions to this problem that I've seen. (Of course the one thing that is a pain with all of these systems is the lack of good editors. There is a certain handicap that you get by working in a browser input box and not into a full fledged editor (a similar setup to scibtex that I use in MediaWiki has this same problem.) I'm not sure how solvable this problem is. Has anyone seen, for example, a javascript solution which allows…
I use equations quite a bit. What I have been doing is writing the equations in LaTeX and then taking a screen capture of the output. I think this makes nice looking equations, but it sure takes a while. Here I am testing [LaTeX for WordPress plugin]( The following *should* be some equations: $$\vec{F}_\text{net}=\frac{d\vec{p}}{dt}$$ $$a^2+b^2=c^2$$ End of test. This was only a test. Had this been a real post, it *might* have had something useful. **update** not sure if I like the way the equations look.