tags: online advertising, Samsung, digital camera, MySpace, Facebook, blogs, profile pictures, streaming video This video clip is a hilarious ad for a Samsung digital camera that is aimed specifically at all of us online personalities. We all know the infamous "MySpace angle" of profile pictures, and who can ignore the slew of pouty-mouthed snapshots on Facebook? Well, universally flattering angle, the gig is up. Heck, even Samsung knows the tricks of the profile pic trade and calls out the most common photo maneuvers in a new ad. Quite clever, Samsung.
tags: God, MySpace, humor, streaming video An amusing music video by Bradley Bandara, based upon the Eric Bazilian song One of Us, which was a 1996 hit when sung by Joan Osbourne. This video features a badly-costumed supreme being accepting and rejecting friend requests, responding to prayers in the form of messages, and being barraged with IM attempts. [5:04]