A partially dissected head of an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), showing some of the internal anatomy, in the collection at the New Jersey State Museum. (And here is a similar preserved sea lion head in the same collection.)
tags: Ocelot, Leopardus pardalis, Joel Sartore, National Geographic, image of the day Ocelot, Leopardus pardalis. 195 animals remaining (Estimated U.S. population is fewer than 100 wild, 95 captive). Image: Joel Sartore/National Geographic [larger view]. The photographer writes; Wild ocelots are gone from all U.S. states except Texas, driven out by human development. The elusive cats still roam the wilds of Central and South America, but there's little reliable data on their true numbers. Joel Sartore has shared some of his work on this blog before, so I am thrilled to tell you that…
The. Cutest. Kitten. Ever. EVER. Photo of the little ocelot kitten care of Zooborns, the best source on the internet for cute doses.