Get a room... Special thanks to Hydia Blobinson for forwarding this along!
A soon to be released book, The Thinkers Of The Jungle, by Gerd Schuster, Willie Smits and Jay Ullal, contains this first-ever image of an orangutan attempting to hunt fish with a spear. The picture was taken in Borneo on Kaja, an island where rescued apes are rehabilitated. Only about 10 million more years of evolution and this orangutan will master the science of noodling.
We want to shake things up a bit here at Zooillogix by doing a weekly readers' poll. That's right. We actually WANT to hear from you! The question: WHAT WAS YOUR WORST HUNGOVER MORNING EVER? Was it a walk of shame in your Halloween costume? Did a cockroach emerge from your half-eaten Boston cream pastry? Perhaps you were fired by your boss and attacked by a hammerhead shark all before sunrise? This video was our source of inspiration... There's another video below the fold, that's even better, (albeit unrelated to animals)...