Orangutan "Spear Fishes"

A soon to be released book, The Thinkers Of The Jungle, by Gerd Schuster, Willie Smits and Jay Ullal, contains this first-ever image of an orangutan attempting to hunt fish with a spear. The picture was taken in Borneo on Kaja, an island where rescued apes are rehabilitated.

i-431ba6d6551e0a15271938e5e1456bf9-Orangutan Hunts.jpg
Only about 10 million more years of evolution and this orangutan will master the science of noodling.

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I think he is qualified right now to have his own show on Fox TV.

Aren't they looking for someone still to replace the Crocodile Hunter?! This guy (or gal - I can't tell) ought to be given a chance.

I was just thinking the other day how that bear teaching itself kung fu with the stick seemed like bad news.

This has me in a blind panic.

Also, can't you see this being an Onion article? 'Tired of waiting for humans to get their shit together, orang-utans begin evolving millions of years ahead of schedule to solve the climate crisis.'

Although that's a cool photo, the splash seems to indicate that the orang is actually smacking fish with a stick more than spearing them. Which is less cool but still pretty cool.