"There is an energy with stop-motion that you can’t even describe.  It’s got to do with giving things life...  to give life to something that doesn’t have it is cool, and even more so in three dimensions, because, at least for me, it feels even more real." -Tim Burton Of course we always like to think of the world as being constantly in motion, with time flowing smoothly and continuously from one moment to the next. Living in our bodies, it feels -- as Ozomatli would say -- like no matter what, you Can't Stop. But our perceptions fool us. It's why you can take a series of stationary images,…
You may know Michel Gondry as the director of off-beat films like "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Gondry has also made a great number of music videos, including this mesmerizing time lapse of a cross-country drive: music is "Behind" by Lacquer
Well, not really. Artist Carel Brest van Kempen timelapsed stills of an acrylic painting to show his work process. It's remarkable how quickly the anole comes to life! I especially enjoy watching the glazes go on and come off - each time he blots out part of the painting, I think, "oh NO!" But that's because I work in watercolor, which is pretty near irreversible. Acrylic is much more forgiving.
Via GTDA comes this mesmerizing time lapse video demonstrating the efficiency of ant recruitment: