Here are some comics and images I've been saving up for so long that I mostly forget where I found them. Click the fold below to view. Enjoy! [Okay, that last one is not funny...]
Credit: Mark Stivers. Thanks Mark!
A depiction of delusional parasitosis in Dave Kellett's webcomic Sheldon. DP, a fixed delusion in which one believes s/he is infested with bugs despite no evidence, was famously described in Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Superblogger and psychologist Vaughan Bell wrote a nice article on the subject, check it out. Thanks again, Dave, for permission to share your comic (with slightly modified layout to make it blog-friendly).
Dave Kellet jokes about a visual illusion the visual pop-out phenomenon, in his webcomic Sheldon. Click the cropped image to see the full comic strip. Thanks Dave! [Thanks, T.N. for the correction. Two blog posts about it here and here.]
Music & Life: An Alan Watts Animation by Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Yes yes... I know cancer isn't funny and I also seem to be obsessed with Family Guy in the last day or two. So without further ado.... Here's a Peter Tumor!
An oldie but goodie starring I Dream of Jeannie as god ... Enjoy! Here's Ned Flanders dealing with an evolution exhibit. And here's the evolution vs. creationism debate starring Lisa.
From We Have Pie Charts, via David Ng at Science Creative Quarterly (look there for my short story Neuroerotica) and ScienceBlog .
Hi everyone! I've been a little lax in my posting as of late. I apologize and as soon as the holidays are over and I'm not sleeping on lots of couches in different places, I'll be more active again. In the mean time here: