The Guild rides again

The Kansas Guild of Bloggers returns this week with the finest of the Sunflower State's blogging.

Paul Decelles rightly notes that "One Dobson is one too many." In responding to Dobson's erroneous claims about the parenting ability of gays and lesbians (like our Vice-President's now pregnant daughter), Decelles describes Dobson's strategy as "tell a lie often enough and maybe the people will believe it."

Diane Silver discusses another religious authoritarian we've all seen too much of outgoing Attorney General Phill Kline, and writes that "Republicans 'stuck a finger in the eye of Johnson County." You'll have to click through for the surprise of who it is she's quoting. Fire Phill Kline, meanwhile, is celebrating that it doesn't have to go out of business. And rereason returns from sabbatical to wrote that it's time for JoCo RINOs to switch parties.

…JustCara points out how we can keep disasters like the Kline switcheroo from repeating themselves: Vote Smarter, not Harder.
Sam Brownback isn't going anywhere, and the Anti-Sam is on his trail. In a recent post, he observes that Brownback will be trying to revive abortion and gay marriage as central political issues.

Mike from Red Letter Day isn't crying about Eric Rudolph's treatment in prison, and is glad to know he, at least, won't be coming back.

The idea that Darwin is somehow responsible for Nazism does keep coming back, and questions the way the Discovery Institute have been placing blame.

Continuing a theme, the Kansas RINO points out that "Connie Morris doesn't plan to leave public service." If you could call it that.
J.D. questions whether Pat Roberts will be returning to the Senate, but is encouraged to see Nancy Boyda taking a seat on the House Armed Services Committee.

On an entirely related note, John Buass of Blog Meridian tells us about "Santa Maria: A December 12th reminiscence." A remarkable visit to a Mexican cathedral on the feast day of the nation's patron saint.

I'll complete this carnival by repeating my call to help out the striking Goodyear workers.


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