Happy Earth Day

I'm still digging out of the post-Expelled craziness. Our video about Chris Comer has gotten more views than the Expelled trailer on Youtube or the rapping Dawkins video, and traffic keeps streaming in to ExpelledExposed.com.

If you haven't done so already, there's still time to locate a stupid statement by Ben Stein (from anywhere, not the movie) and refute it as part of NCSE's "Set Ben Straight" contest. Fabulous prizes!


Now get out there and enjoy this amazing planet of ours.

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ExpelledExposed.com, your one-stop-shop for rebuttals of Ben Stein's creationist hackery, is live, baby! Learn the dirty truth behind Expelled! And it features NCSE's first foray onto Youtube!
"Teaching Creationism in Schools," the second in a series of videos produced by NCSE, debuted at expelledexposed.com on April 23, 2008. The brief video presents three incidents in which NCSE helped concerned citizens to resist assaults on the integrity of evolution education. In the video, NCSE's…
The National Center for Science Education has launched ExpelledExposed.com which will contain responses to Ben Stein’s pro-ID crapola Expelled once the movie goes live on April 18th.
The video at ExpelledExposed.com highlighting Chris Comer's story was one of last week's most viewed and most discussed on YouTube. In a week, it basically tied the YouTube trailer for Expelled, and exceeded the viewership of the Dick-to-the-Dawk viral video put out by the producers of Expelled.…