Ray Bohlin

Ray Bohlin, Disco. fellow and head of Probe Ministries (Motto: "Touched by a being from above!") is about to speak. On the group's front page, there is a story asking: "Is Masturbation A Sin?" Guess what he decides!

Doesn't have written testimony. "I'll be reading from a recent evolution text."

He insists there are limits to change. Which is true in some sense, but it isn't really meaningful. Those limits are vastly more expansive than what is required to explain the diversity of life.

Quotes Jerry Coyne on the difference between artificial and natural selection.

Runs out of time, and McLeroy jumps in. Quotes Ken Miller "I would argue that we could be almost certain that eventually evolution would produce…" something like humans. Bohlin thinks Miller is confused, tries to throw back Stephen Jay Gould.

Leo wonders if evolution matters for Bohlin's research. Guess what he answers!

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