Video of the Week: In Which A Bonobo Gets A Man To Wear A Bunny Suit on National TV

In one of a series of stories on animal intelligence, Anderson Cooper went to see Kanzi, probably the most famous bonobo in the world, and primatologist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, who has worked with Kanzi almost his entire life. Using his board of symbolic "lexigrams," Kanzi apparently indicated that Cooper should don a bunny suit. One wonders whether the producers asked Savage-Rumbaugh to selectively interpret Kanzi's intentions in that way, and how much footage wound up on the cutting room floor. In any case, its actually pretty funny.

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Ha! A bunny suit fetish. They are almost human!

One of these days these animals are going to escape, get into the security building where they keep the automatic weapons, dress in bunny suits and Nixon masks, and it's all over for the local 7-11.

I wonder what Anderson Cooper did wrong to get this gig.

Kanzi's a fur-vert? Who knew?