Women In High Tech: Catalyst Survey

Are you a women in a high tech job? Please consider participating in this worthwhile project; it only takes a few minutes. Lisa Gable recently wrote to the WEPAN listserve:

I am writing to share news about exciting research being conducted by Catalyst, which IBM is sponsoring, in part. Catalyst is the leading research and advisory organization working with businesses and the professions to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work. This study focuses on talent management and women in high tech jobs and/or companies. The research provides insight into women's work experiences, job satisfaction, retention and advancement.

In the coming weeks, Catalyst is supporting an online survey of women working for high tech companies and women working for non-tech companies in technical roles. The survey is now "live" and ready to receive responses (see this site for the survey). It will close on February 6. 2007. The survey seeks insight on actionable steps that companies can take to increase women's satisfaction with their jobs, supervisors, and companies.

The survey responses are for research purposes only; will be analyzed in the aggregate only; and will be kept strictly confidential.

Results will be available through Catalyst.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lisa Gable, Program Manager
IBM Women in Technology Project Office
(you can contact Lisa at: lg AT us DOT ibm DOT com)


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that was a good survey, actually. pretty thoughtful. gets you thinking about your current situation.

By ilikethechemicals (not verified) on 16 Jan 2007 #permalink