Maria Klawe is a Skateboarder!

I can't tell if this Chronicle piece is behind a paywall or not, because I already logged into my account today so everything opens up in my browser right away...I hope it's not, because I'd love for you to see the picture of Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College, on a skateboard. It's how she commutes from her home to her office! If you can get to the article, then there's a link to an audio slide show, too. From the article:

A video-game enthusiast, marathon runner, juggler, and painter, Ms. Klawe, 55, is a self-described klutz who credits her talents to intense practice. The hard work is part of her personal motto of "fail often and openly," she says. "You become a much better learner by learning something that's hard for you."

Students and faculty members at Harvey Mudd work hard and set high personal standards, but "they know how to make fun of themselves, and they don't take themselves seriously," she says. "That is just a perfect description of me."

Techie women are sooooooo fabulous!

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She'll fit right in at HMC, where half of the students tool back and forth on a skateboard.

A bunch of students ride unicycles too. I hope that Gonzo Unicycle Madness (the unicycle club) tries to recruit the president....