Kudos for Rob

Here's something very cool: an award in physics that went to the groups, not to just the bigwigs who lead the group. It's call the Gruber Prize in Cosmology. Rob Knop writes about it:

What to me is coolest about this award is that it's going to the groups. Usually in science we honor and award the Warrior Hero, the single Big Name who was the brilliant and creative scientist who did everything. The Nobel Prize went to Smoot and Mather. Assuredly the reason for the Nobel Prize was extremely worthy, and assuredly those two gentlemen deserved it. But the Gruber prize recognized the team without which Mather could never have done the work that he did in order to win the Nobel Prize.

Here's what Sciencebloggers think is cool about this year's Gruber Prize: Rob Knop is included among the winners for his work on the Supernova Cosmology Project! Yay, Rob!

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