How can I bribe you to contribute to Donors Choose?

So, I see that sly Dr. Free-Ride is bribing her readers with promises of poems and original artwork from the sprogs and writing blog entries on the topic of their choice if only they will contribute to Donors Choose. Very clever, very clever indeed. And not to be outdone, Sciencewoman is promising a personalized handprint from Minnow to anyone who donates $25 or more to her challenge.

What to do, what to do? I have not written a poem since my teen years. Though as a 7-yr-old, I did launch the entrepreneurial Poem Manufacturing Company, which promised you a poem on the topic of your choice in exchange for one dime. I think I made a dollar before retiring, having exhausted all the members of my family. And, okay, I did write something called The Medical Writer's Lament a few years ago. But that's it.

My cats do not produce much in the way of artwork, and I doubt you will ante up for a pawprint, even pawprints from both of them.

So here's what I have to offer:

The first 20 people to donate $30 or more to my challenge, and send me a copy of your email receipt (I'll need your snail mail address, too) at bobtownsuz AT yahoo DOT com, will receive this fabulous women in science and math magnet:


Image from National Women's History Project web store.


Everyone who donates to my challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a t-shirt in the size of your choice, beautifully emblazoned with the following:

Zuska says: Don't make me puke on your shoes.

You may, of course, opt out of the drawing if said t-shirt does not appeal to you.

Drawing will be conducted as follows:
You donate, then email me a copy of your email receipt.
I write your name on a slip of paper and toss it in a hat.
At the end of October, Mr. Zuska will draw one slip of paper from the hat.
I will notify the lucky winner and inquire as to preferred size, shipping address, etc.
Winner will be announced on the blog under the name or pseudonym of the winner's choice.

So - the "don't make me puke on your shoes" t-shirt. Not exactly a Minnow handprint or sprog artwork, but it's the best I can do!

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Done! (Experiments in Calculus making calculus REAL appealed to me.) But I won't be able to get the confirmation to email you till tonight. Hope I'll be in time for that cool magnet. I can pass on the T-shirt drawing - it won't play as well in the circles I frequent these days. But women in sci&math is another whole discussion, isn't it.

Dr. Free-Ride has so many options it is hard to choose (and she does not put as much constraint on choosing NOW). I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

By Super Sally (not verified) on 02 Oct 2007 #permalink

Oh dear, I gave $25 today before I saw this post. I've been torn as to which blog-drive to support, so I've made small contributions to several. My fridge probably has enough magnets, anyway.

OOOH, I want a t-shirt (though I'm not sure where I'd wear it), but I already donated all my money to my own challenge. Your projects look great though - it was incredibly hard to choose among them, wasn't it?

Laura, you'll be in the drawing for the t-shirt in any case.

Send me your email receipt. If I don't get more than 20 donors who give $30 or more then I'll go down the list.

Is it really possible to have "enough" refrigerator magnets?????