Scientific Nail Polish

I have no time for a real entry, but if you haven't yet had your daily quota of sexist nonsense, check out these two links.

Melissa McEwan parses the gender segregation at the Discovery Channel Store. (Thanks to Bora for tipping me off to that post.) In case you were wondering where to get your scientific nail polish kit, you now know. And just in time for the holidays!

And the Chronicle news blog reports on the continued sorry state of tenure for women at MIT. The comments will annoy the piss out of you. I swear someday my head will explode when I have to listen yet again to some yahoo natter on about how we can't consider gender in the tenure process because we must only make tenure decisions on the basis of merit. I would be fine with making tenure decisions on the basis of merit, if the notions of merit embedded in the professoriate weren't themselves gendered, and if the process by which people think they are objectively judging merit weren't totally biased. But that's just me.

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*helpfully adds 'and the opportunities to gain merit weren't also biased.'

My favorite point to make to the people who are obsessed with 'merit only.' Too bad that requires them to believe in any sort of societal sexism or racism. Sigh.