Links for 3-5-2008

Maria told me about WOC PhD. A link in this post led me to the Feminist Studies Collections: Women of Color & Women Worldwide pages, from which I hopped to the Women of Color page from the Wisconsin Women's Studies Librarian, which in turn took me to Joan Korenman's Women of Color websites list. Joan's excellent list includes Black Women in Mathematics, Digital Sisters, summaries of a few studies, and Sister Mentors, among others.

Abel pointed me to Urban Science Adventures! - which, by the way, has a nice post on women's history month up. Also, Diary of a PhD Student, Education and Class (read this entry), and Field Negro, whose motto, "Silence is never golden!", I totally love. It's freakin' brilliant.

Janet reminded me of Acmegirl (who comments occasionally on this blog) and her blog Thesis - With Children. Read her contribution to the latest Scientiae carnival. Also, See Jane in the Academy.

Dang. I've spent all afternoon on my computer and this link post is all I've managed to produce. Writer's block continues to haunt me (plus five days in a row with headache)...but there are two crocuses blooming in my garden, and a few snowdrops survived last year's planting. Renewal must be just around the corner, no? Well, be sure to check out Scientiae, as mentioned above, and read what everyone has to say about renewal.

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