Major Prize Actually Awarded to Women!!!

I actually had to create a new category for this post. That says something about how infrequently I have something good to celebrate on the gender and science front.

Anyway, this year's Albany Medical Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research was awarded to two women! All previous recipients have been old white guys. But this year, Elizabeth Blackburn and Joan Steitz are the winners. Grrl has a nice post up here with background on the winners and some info on what they plan to do with the prize money. Peggy has a post up, too.

Next: I look forward to the day when the fact that it's a woman who won whatever prize is no longer "news". So get working on gender equity, folks, because my life is half over already.

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The powers-that-are have been informed and the error will be corrected soon. This post must be removed as it is no longer reality.


Sorry, there isn't an obvious contact on here, but I thought that you might be interested in this:

There's already been one sexist git comment without any sort of evidence. Damn, why must they always generalize? I have no intention of having a family, ever. As someone going into a physics undergrad next year, that's worrying.

By Celeritas (not verified) on 11 May 2008 #permalink

Good news in the post, so thanks for that, Zuska.

Bad news in the comment. Or really, not news. But thanks for that, too, Celeritas.