ScienceBlogs 1 Million Comments Parties

UPDATE: Party date changed to Sept. 28th. Other details remain the same. Let me know if you are interested in joining us!

UPDATE: Here are details of my party, which is scheduled for Sept 14th:

Brunch at Farmicia, 15 S. 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA at 11 a.m.

Visit Penn Museum of Archeology & Anthropology to see Surviving: The Body of Evidence exhibit (Museum is open 1 to 5 pm) which is part of Philadelphia's Year of Evolution celebration.

Afterwards, gelato at Capogiro. Mmmmmmm.

Possibly drinks & something else to eat after that, we don't know for sure.


As Sciencewoman has noted and as you can read here, ScienceBlogs is approaching the 1 million comments milestone (that's a lot of discussion, folks!) and to celebrate, there are lots of parties going on all over the place.

There's also a contest involved, info found here.

one lucky reader will win an all-out science adventure -- a trip for two to New York City and exclusive science adventures only ScienceBlogs could give you access to.

The trip includes airfare, four nights in a four-star hotel, behind-the-scenes tours of top museums and labs, and dinner with your favorite ScienceBlogger.

Go enter the contest!

Now, if any of you live in the greater Philadelphia area (Lab Cat, that's you!) and are interested, I can host a 1 Million Comments party, courtesy of our benevolent overlords, and they will pay for a round of drinks. Anybody interested? Drop a comment here. If at least one person says yes then I will organize something, date TBA. If you are interested, leave your preferred date which should be sometime between September 14 and September 28. Feel free to suggest a venue, too. Any place with drinks (alcoholic, non-alcoholic) and food is fine. It would be good to have vegetarian food available because I'm betting Lab Cat will attend. White Dog Cafe is one possibility. Here's hoping at least one of you lives around here and wants to do this!

UPDATE: Maybe Farmicia would be a great place to eat and drink! Then we could walk to Capogiro's for dessert!

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A party. Yo with a special invite for me! Very cool.

I love the White Dog. My schedule is really tight as I teach three nights a week and I have choir on one of the other nights - leaving just Friday and Sat nights free. Also, I am away at Knitters Day Out on Sept 19 - 20 so unless anyone else wants it at some other time- I am voting for either 26th or 27th Sept.

Woohoo! A party I can make! And with the Kick Ass Zuska!
I'm about a couple of hours away, and I don't know Philly that well, but if this party can also introduce me to a great vegetarian resturant I think I will sing!
26th or 27th Sept would work for me!

Just wondering, if Sunday afternoon/early evening is a possibility for anyone? That gives us the 14th, 21st, or 28th as possibilities. Or is that not a great time for a Science-y party?

What do you think the chances are that one of PZ's über-Catholics or Orac's anti-vax, ostrich-imitating guests will win?

I can swing a Sunday afternoon/early evening. Although I do note that this Farmicia place does Brunch until 3pm. I loves me some Brunch! Although science + brunch might be weird for some. Science + drinks is probably more normal.

Actually, I just looked at the menus for both the White Dog and Farmicia and now I'm practically drooling. The gelato didn't help either!

It's possible to do brunch, gelato, exhibit, and drinks, if we make one nice long day of it...or, exhibit, dinner & drinks, then gelato, if we make an afternoon/evening of it.

Lab Cat tells me the 26th is now out. So we are down to the 14th, 27th, or 28th. Any preference, Becca? Email me if you need to talk about accommodations for staying overnight. bobtownsuz AT yahoo DOT com

Anybody else interested? I checked Google Analytics and I know there are at least a few of you in Philly who read this thing once in awhile! BTW I was surprised by how many Canadian readers I seem to have! Howdy, all you folks from Canada!

Peggy, I wish you could be here to join us. I can't believe there isn't a party near you out there. What a pity.

Party party!

I wish I could come to yours, but Pittsburgh is *just barely* too far away from Philly to make a trip worthwhile for a poor college student like myself.

Muse142- if you really mean that, get off the turnpike at Harrisburg and I'll drive the rest of the way.

Unless you mean "too many hours away from studying" or some such other responsible nonsense.

This would be an interesting get together. I don't often comment, but I would enjoy meeting those of you who do.

Sounds fun. Is this all the RSVP you need? If so, I'll plan on showing up with my partner, at least for the brunch.

Woohoo! 'twas some awesome time. Thanks again Zuska!