Isis, You Should Have Been There At The Philly Flower Show!

Mr. Zuska and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show today. It's always wonderful to enter the show on a dull winter day and be struck with the glory of a giant convention center in full bloom. The show officially opens tomorrow, but today was the preview for Pennsylvania Horticultural Society members - of which there must be a zillion, because the show floor was mobbed.

One of the biggest - certainly one of the most excited - mobs was around this exhibit:

i-471b1b5cd0f3ede1ca8addf7d00532ba-all shoes [320x200].JPG

Yes: shoes! Made out of flowers 'n' stuff! Close ups after the jump.

I liked these:

i-1cfe364030a4160a06efb66967917cfd-shoe 1 [320x200].JPG

These looked like they'd tickle:

i-79f60202087435acc9dca7e0064a5a5f-shoe 2 [320x200].JPG

Elegant, but a bit pointy:

i-23f2d6924bac7ab5670bc48b1f57cf92-shoe 3 [320x200].JPG

Ooh! I'm soooo ready for summer!

i-22d41d446360ac4ee62963429776d099-shoe 4 [320x200].JPG

I could see Isis wearing these:

i-322e7528b3071df16575af1646948b83-shoe 5 [320x200].JPG

Something nice for a cocktail party:

i-426b1f5b6b9c128fe6fa11c30d8207be-shoe 6 [320x200].JPG

These are my absolute favorites (the ones in the foreground; the ones in the back are nice too, but you gotta love the shine on the ones up front):

i-43d49c9f58d26b8cda46eb0fe068e768-shoe7 [320x200].JPG

Something for Isis to wear to work?

i-6be83c2a38a6c58841a7e6f501f20207-shoe 8 [320x200].JPG

I don't know if these boots were made for walking...but who cares?

i-2337bf339fc7982942ce8845d455cba2-shoe 9 [320x200].JPG

If you are in town, go to the flower show! It will warm your heart and cheer your soul. If you can't - take heart anyway! Spring isn't far off. The little tips of crocus are peeping up in my backyard already. Yay!

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Oh, Zuska!!!! You sure know how to hit an amazingly hot science blogger right were it hurts! This post was downright beautiful. My heart is pounding from the multiple hot shoe-gasms I'm having. Those blue ones are amazing and, you're right, I would love love LOVE those green ones.

I am going to put this page in my favorites. If your page views go up by 10,000 views per month, you'll know exactly who it is.

OMG. Those would have made some kick-ass centerpieces at my wedding. Too bad I didn't know you could do that 3 years ago.

*note to self: start going to flower conventions*

Spectacular attention drawing title to bring the exact right person to your blog. Nicely done. And I'm impressed by the flower shoes.

Cool! Mrs. Laelaps is going there next weekend. Thanks for sharing these.

I love the comments about meritocracy, personally. I really like saying something like, "Oh yeah, I'm all for meritocracy. Let's have some damn meritocracy instead of what's currently going on, which is that people like me have to work twice as hard and be twice as competent to get half as far." Then I start whipping statistics on them. Funny how I keep winning arguments that way