Scientist/Guitar Hero

Isis has a post about the secret life of scientists - an important topic, lest the young 'uns think that grown-up scientists have no lives and just sit around in their labcoats all day reading journal articles, plotting experiments, and analyzing data. Go forth, read, and be amazed by the musical stylings of one David Kroll - scientist, mentor, administrator, and guitar hero.

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Awww, what a lovely surprise to be so honored by the great Zuska! You are admired by women scientists around the world (and by quite a few of us sensible boys :-)) and are recommended reading in our lab.

I'm still getting used to seeing the title "administrator" but if I can be as good and as inspiring as you were in your administrative days, I will wear that one with pride.

Thanks again - it is you who rocks! DJK

I keep forgetting people still play that. I tried; it annoyed me, probably because I used to play a little actual guitar a while back. Does DK play Rock Band? I hear there's singing involved...