Sunday Evening Domestic Dramedy, In One (Wee) Act

Mr. Z records live music and is nuts about microphones.

i-8206ce29c59d9fc8a1636d82e777af55-vintage mics [320x200].JPG

Whenever we watch t.v. he is always pointing out microphones to me. Earlier this evening, the first NFL playoff game ends, there's a crazy scene on the field, confetti flying in the air:

Mr. Z: Did you see that mic?
Me: No.
Mr. Z: There! There it is! See? It's on a long boom! Wow! That is a really long boom mic!
Me: Wow.
Mr. Z: I guess you don't notice this stuff like I do.
Me: No, I don't, but that's okay.
Mr. Z: I just look for mics whenever I am watching tv. See, you aren't the only nerd in the family! I'm a microphone nerd! Or maybe I'm more of a dweeb. Yeah, a microphone dweeb!
Me: Honey, I wouldn't be proud of that. In the hierarchy of things, nerds are better than dweebs.
Mr. Z: Really?
Me: Yes, but that's okay, honey, because you've already mated.
Mr. Z: Well, look at me! A dweeb who snagged a nerd! I'm doing pretty good!
Me: Yeah, but I'm not.
Mr. Z: Well, you just need to raise me up to nerd level, then you'll have something to brag about.

[one or two minutes pass]

Mr. Z: You want to blog that conversation, don't you?
Me: Yes. Yes, I do.
Mr. Z: That's what I was afraid of.

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That one on the left hand side of your pic looks similar to an Astatic D104.

For my tastes, I prefer the hand mic on my Yaesu FT-5100. Has the dial on pad thing with the A,B,C,D buttons too.

Mr. Z says the mic has no identifying stamp or markings or numbers. It has a cloth-insulated cable.

He has also chastised me for posting an awful picture of his vintage mic collection, which includes only the merest hint of the glories it contains, e.g., the Telefunkens.

Those are sweet mics. My best was retrieved from the things left over when the former chair of the department shot himself. Nice mic. Had to get all new connecting cables for it, though. Looks like Elvis ought to be singing into it...

Completely off topic (and I apologize)... I was thoroughly offended by a commercial today, while watching the NFL playoffs. Oddly enough, my first thought was of Zuska. (I assure you, I am serious, both about being offended and about thinking of you.)

The only thing that saves me from being the subject of that post is the fact that Clever Wife doesn't blog. Otherwise, I'd be there every day.

Chastised?? Did you tell him to get his own...oh, nevermind. :-P

By El Picador (not verified) on 25 Jan 2010 #permalink

I would have, El Picador, but his head was buried too deep in the taper forums and he couldn't hear me. Plus he had his headphones on for editing music. Damn tapers.