Phish @ Camden 6/25/2010: A Brief Review

Phish, you were fabulously jamtastic, and I dearly loved that sweet cover of Joni Mitchell's "Free Man In Paris", but I swear there were times when your light show made me feel like I was strapped in a chair next to Karl in Room 23. What can I say? I freely bought my own ticket.

Also: I neglected to bring along a hardhat, which would have come in handy for the glow stick hailstorm during your version of the opening movement of Also Sprach Zarathustra. Everybody looked like they were having fun and the glow stick tossing was random and joyous, so it was all cool. Thanks for the show.

Oh, P. S.: I know there are those who love Big Green Furry Monster From Mars - enough to fill whole amphitheaters - but that there is a migraine-inducer, boys.

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Phish puts on such a great show - saw them at Bonnaroo last year! The random glow stick tossing was a nice surprise for all. Well, maybe except the guy whose face I hit with a glow stick.

It's Big BLACK furry CREATURE from Mars. And it ROCKS.

That's what I tried to tell the doctor in Mexico who came to the house I was staying at to treat the migraine brought on by four million chirpy birds echoing off tiled floors, but he was so friendly and I was off-kilter because I had never seen a house call before.

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