Science Idol - 4 Days Left

From the pipeline:

Time is running out to enter Science Idol: The Scientific Integrity
Editorial Cartoon Contest
-the deadline is Monday, July 31! We've
received some spectacular entries so far-from artists in their teens to
those in their nineties-but you still have a few days left. This is your
last chance to show off your artistic and comedic talents by creating a
one-panel or multi-panel cartoon that takes on the issue of political
interference in science.

Does the fact that hundreds of scientists at the Food and Drug
Administration report being asked to change technical information for
non-scientific reasons make you question the safety of prescription

Do you have something to say about the Environmental Protection Agency
creating air quality standards that misrepresent recommendations from
its own science advisory panel?

Does it seem wrong to you that Congress is attempting to undermine the
scientific principles of the Endangered Species Act?

There's more than enough material to work with, it just needs your
creative spin to make a winning cartoon. Our four celebrity judges will
help UCS narrow the entries down to 12 finalists. Then, in early
September, it'll be up to you to cast your vote and choose the winner.

Show off your creative talents and help raise awareness of this
critical issue-Enter Today!


Michael Halpern
National Field Organizer
UCS Scientific Integrity Program

P.S. If you don't enter the contest but you still want to help decide
who comes out on top, sign up for the UCS Action Network. We'll let you
know when the 12 finalists are identified and the voting period begins.
Sign up at

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