An Opportunity for STEM Professionals to Give Back

Dr. Kit Nast, a psychology instructor at Bishop State Community College in Mobile, AL, is putting together a website filled with videos related to careers and college degree programs. He is looking for volunteers to help develop more Career Videos and College Program Videos related to the sciences for his site - He is seeking STEM professionals to contribute self-made videos to the web site with the hope of steering more students toward these careers. For more information, please contact Kit at

What kind of video would you like to contribute to, or see, on this web site?

Take a look at this this brief video of Dr.Kit (as he refers to himself) describing his program.

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Dr. Kit, I love your website! I would like to share it with my students (I am a science outreach educator with, by the way, no video equipment or skills). However, most of my students are African American and may not relate to the people in your videos. I hope to see more people of color in your videos in the future. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Thanks for your comment/question. We will be sure that Dr. Kit receives it.

Thanks for your feedback, Valerie! Please feel free to share the site with your students and anyone else who you think might be interested. I'm actually trying to make the site as diverse as possible. My original plan was to include 2 people for each career position, with each being from a different group (M/F, Black/White, etc.), so this is still the plan! I actually teach at a Historically Black College, so I am also thinking about this issue for the good of my own students. This is actually one of the reasons for my "call for help", so I can get others from around the country involved. It is much more difficult to get people to do these videos than you would ever imagine! Please let me know if you know of anyone who might want to do a video. :) I do give chocolate bars to people who do videos!

I think Dr. Kit taken a great step for all job finders. I saw this video and it is really great. Also hope other video will be good. Keep up your good work and thanks for this post.

By michelscofield (not verified) on 07 Aug 2011 #permalink

Thank you for following our blog and for writing in. We will be sure Dr. Kit sees your comments.

I'm glad that you enjoyed that video, Michel! I filmed that, along with a few others, on my last trip to Chicago. I'm thinking that my site will get a lot more use soon, after schools open for the fall term. The site has only been up and running since early this summer. Please feel free to share the site's address with anyone who you think might be interested in it. :)