Your Daily Tripe: "Green" Scare Tactics

This is the kind of crap I get in my email:

I blog about ecology therefore I'm one of the morons that watches this sensationalized garbage and considers it a "teaching tool".

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So, the good news is that by 2051 teh terrorists will not have destroyed any other major New York buildings - and the National Guard will finally be home from Iraq!

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 15 Jan 2008 #permalink

Why do we have to wait to 2050? Just melt Greenland and pour it on Manahattan now (OK...just kidding!).

This stuff is entertainment. That's why people like disaster movies. The cool graphics and the sheer fun of watching Dallas turned into a crater, or LA falling into the sea or whatever.

But the people who put this kind of thing out and take it seriously have to wake up. They aren't helping. This is the green movement's equivalent of plastering aborted fetuses on billboards.

It gives your opposition ammo to use to debunk you, and it changes *non one's* minds on the subject.

If I worked for Exxon, it would be easy to start showing this at talks designed to debunk global warming as evidence that the "greens" are a bunch of hyperventilating idiots.

Seeing this, it would be hard to argue the point.

HAHAHA! Who on earth sent you that?? That's nuts. Sure, we need to be concerned about global warming, but that looked like a scene out of "the Day After Tomorrow." Come on... That kind of stuff doesn't help the people who actually want to try to stem global warming, it just makes that group of people look like wackos.

I blog about ecology therefore I'm one of the morons that watches this sensationalized garbage and considers it a "teaching tool".

I certainly see your point! But I also believe that the bigger the issue, ( meaning the more money at stake usually), the more the highly paid spin masters get called in. They will follow the statistics as to what works and many times the numbers show that a campaign from the bottom of absurdity to the top of it will pull in people towards their cause. It's kind of a crazy world sometimes, isn't it? LOL!
Dave Briggs :~)

The point is though, that this is what *may* happen. I admit that this video could have been produced by Exon et-al as a blow against the green campaigners, because the severity is so drastic that it looks to be a piss take. However that doesn't alter the bottom line which is that such a scenario *is* a possibility if our present course is not altered.

There is good scientific evidence that the ocean level *will* rise by a significant amount if we carry on with our current habits. Joe Blogs doesn't want that to be true because if it were they'd have to alter their stupid behaviour. CEOs of massive corporations don't want it to be true because if it were they'd be forced to reduce their profit margins in the interests of the planet.

The real joke of course is that even if you produced categorical (rather than just reasonably convincing which is how it actually is) evidence that this was likely, the jokers in charge of the multi billion dollar corporations would *still* try to deny it so they can continue pocketing the profit. Their thinking would be something along the lines of "well it's gonna happen anyway so I may as well earn enough that I can buy a mansion at the top of a mountain".

Not only would the multibillion dollar crew continue to deny, so that they could continue to rake in profit, but the lamebrains on the street would continue to deny so they can continue driving their kids to school each day in their 4x4 people carrier.

There is no hope. We have the massive power of money driving a massive public relations machine designed to convince the idiotic joe-public of something that they *want* to be convinced of anyhow, namely that there is no reason to believe in an imminent eco-catastrophe and that they can therefore continue their wasteful burning of resources without a shred of guilt.

By Dave Johnson (not verified) on 20 Feb 2008 #permalink

The mankind is in constant development and I think, that it will find a way out and of such situation. Especially such predictions already was much, but something is not visible that as all. of them have come true.