List of links/phone #s for people in need of help (or offering help) #BostonHelp #bostonmarathon

Not going to report, since the facts will probably change before I hit publish, but these links should remain useful:

Google people finder - for folks that can't get in touch with friends/relatives

Boston Globe-run form for people looking for or offering places in the city

Lots of folks offering help on twitter via #BostonHelp

Mayor's hotline for people looking for friends/family 617-635-4500 (via the globe)

Anyone with videos/pictures of the route (could be evidence) call 800-494-TIPS (also via Boston Globe)

Red Cross is not looking for blood donations now, but would love you to schedule for later (site was down when I checked, probably heavy traffic right now)

I've been following this almost since the news broke, and I'm beat. Gonna disconnect from social media for a bit... I'm OK, and everyone closest to me is OK, but a lot of people are not. Even setting aside the injured, there are a lot of runners stranded (many area hotels are shut down) and could probably use help. Pitch in if you can.

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