You copy, you paste, you email (and you may win money to buy books)

At my school, I happen to be involved in a project with a writing contest that has a general public category. Basically, we don't have many entries in this category and there's, like, three bookstore giftcards at stake here ($50, $100, and $350 - all usable online)! This is Canadian dollars, I'll admit, but if you've got a post you've written in the last year or so, that you think fits, then do send it on (basically critieria is very broad - something globally relevant, any genre of writing works - previously published ok).

If it makes it easier, you can even leave your URL in this thread or send directly to Deadline is SATURDAY (April 4th) and FYI - I am not a judge.

Oh yeah, if you happen to do a mention on your site, then I definitely owe you some drinks whenever you're next up in Vancouver. Currency and ministers of science notwithstanding, we Canadians are good with our liquor (ice wine being the exception of course)

Details at:

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