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This week’s edition of Encephalon and an email from the Neurophilosopher has reminded me that I’ve been rather negligent of my blogroll lately.

I believe a blogroll should represent the sites a blogger visits frequently; it’s an invitation into that blogger’s community. Surely you’d get a sense of that by reading a couple months’ worth of posts, but who has time for that? The blogroll is a shortcut.

Unfortunately, I’m busy too — reading (and writing about) these blogs. It becomes easy to neglect a blogroll, because it’s not something I use every day — I use an RSS reader to follow my favorite blogs. In fact, you can see some (but not all) of the blogs I read regularly by visiting my bloglines account. Again, imperfectly maintained.

As a partial solution to the problem, I’ve collected the best true Cognitive/Neuroscience blogs that I regularly read below; I’ve also added them to our links list. Happy reading!


  1. #1 Ryan Fox
    March 27, 2007

    As a fellow RSS Reader user, you must surely hate having to click links to get the full article. I know I do. (Hint, hint.)

    If it weren’t for the quality of your content, I’m not sure I’d bother with following your feed.

    Also, how to do manage to keep up with so many blogs? I’ve got about 25 feeds that are updated daily, and probably 30 more that aren’t, and I just get swamped with reading material. I mainly manage to read whatever webcomics are updated and skim Slashdot for interesting headlines.

  2. #2 Dave Munger
    March 27, 2007


    I’d love to let you read the entire blog post in the RSS feed, but of course the whole point of the RSS is to entice people to come here and look at the ads (which pay the bills for our host and generate a small amount of income for me and Greta). Sounds like it’s working in your case; I hope you’ll agree that the small inconvenience is worth it. At least we offer a significant portion of the article in RSS form, as opposed to just the headline and/or a one- or two-sentence summary. Some news sites are even forcing visitors to log in and/or sit through 15- or 30-second commercials before viewing their content.

    How do I manage to keep up with so many blogs? It’s actually not so bad. Every morning I pull up my RSS reader and scan all the new posts — usually not more than 100. As I go I put up all the articles I’m interested in in tabs — that’s typically 7 or 8 per day. So it’s not an overwhelming amount of reading. I read them on the original sites, ads and all.

    Coming up with something relevant / interesting to say about the posts is much more work.

    The people who amaze me are Bora Zivcovic and P.Z. Myers, both of whom have enormous blogrolls.

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