Weekend Fun

  • Attended the Where Is the Action rock festival with my wife, heard a lot of good music, much of it new to me. Details here and here.
  • Shopped for presents and spent an hour having cake and reading, all in the charming company of soon-6-y-o Juniorette. She: Donald Duck; me: SprÃ¥ktidningen.
  • Celebrated the first birthday of another very sweet and promising little Swedish-Chinese girl.
  • Played Agricola and had yummy home-made pizza in good company at the new abode of Paddy K.
  • Mused about the strange fact that soon-11-y-o Junior is at sailing camp. I still feel his baby self in my arms.

And your weekend fun, Dear Reader?


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Had friends over to play some Abalone, Hell Rail and Balderdash. 11-y-o Junior often joins our board-game sessions these days. Bought ski boots for Junior and went skiing with him and the Rundkvist ladies. Watched Where the Wild Things Are. Nice visuals, but the movie unexpectedly turned out…
Had breakfast guests: a beautifully pregnant old friend and our old boss/buddy came at ten and I cooked us all a full English. Everybody who's into the Gustavian / Georgian era and reads Scandy, read Kristina Ekero Eriksson's new popular biography of Märta Helena Reenstierna, the Lady of Ãrsta! I…
Been a while since I wrote one of these. Here's what I did for fun this past weekend. Attended an afternoon scifi mini-convention at the Tech Museum, organised by my dear old Tolkien Society buddy and gaming group regular Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf. I heard good talks by journalist Jörgen Städje,…
Friday night I unexpectedly found myself looking at dinner all alone. So I quickly arranged for a visit with friends to a Jamaican restaurant (I had jerk chicken), and after our meal Swedepat beat me and Dr Sandy at Race for the Galaxy. Saturday was mainly chores, but in the evening the Rundkvist…

- cleaned up after our legendary twice-yearly party of the department of archaeology which was strangely undervisited this year, although the weather was perfect

- persuaded a waiter at a café to serve us breakfast at half past one with two friends

- translated an old norse text at Starbuck's


- cleaned my apartment all day. Yay, fun!!

an Old Norse text about Starbucks

The Saga of Aulait Starbuckssen?

I googled the Agricola game, and it looks really interesting. I play Killer Bunnies with a couple of friends (fun, but kinda random)- maybe I can convince them to play Agricola.

This weekend:

- practiced polocrosse at friends' field/ranch one morning, then just rode both horses the next. The gelding can only be ridden in the sandy arena until the farrier puts one of his front shoes back on. Crappy Thoroughbred feet (and rocky terrain)!

- worked on several knitting and crochet projects, and surfed around on Ravelry

- worked in the vegetable garden and yard

Other activities, like working on two manuscripts and reading related journal articles, do not really count as "weekend fun".

Friday was Senior Race Day (the final event of the TT) here on the Isle of Man, and so a day off work. Therefore, I got up at 7 am to re-do my financial calculations of estimated startup and running costs, first year turnover, and taxes for my soon-to-be business and generally work on the details of the business plan. Finished at 2.30 pm and walked downtown to rent a couple of movies, came home and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening waiting for the Mrs to log on to Skype, which she didn't so I had a beer and read whisky stuff and scienceblogs all night.

Saturday I watched Valkyrie and Bolt, the movies I'd rented, over breakfast, which was nice. Bolt was excellent, hit all the right notes, tugged at all the right heartstrings, had me in tears 3 or 4 times along the movie. Loved it. Also got to talk to the Mrs on Saturday, and heard that our firstborn is coming along very nicely, and will likely be huge. The baby's already 1.8 kilos, and it's 10 weeks till the due date! Also returned the two movies and took out The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was rather good. This was the best Saturday in quite a while.

Sunday was quiet and cloudy, so when the sun came out in the afternoon, I headed out to a nearby hotel to try some Rosebank malts at the bar. Perfect summery drams, they were, especially the 18-year-old cask strength one by Cadenhead's. Very nice indeed.

Sorry for the wordy description, but even the Friday stuff was really mostly fun. And I just am a rather wordy person.

Aha, Owl, now I know that Ravelry is a "knit and crotchet community"!

InkRose, I take it you're visiting the Isle of Man for a boat race while the missus is at home with a big belly?

Those who are interested in social networking platforms for scientists could learn a thing or two from Ravelry. Imagine, for example, that you could download a detailed and specialized lab protocol, and then interact with the scientist who developed/optimized it, in an online forum. And this scientist would answer your questions quickly and precisely, give you encouragement, and provide feedback on your results.

Imagine further that knitters and crotcheters were funded by the National Institutes of Health and forced to come up with new designs all the time in order to keep their knitting needles and yarn supply. (-;

Interesting point, Martin - but then the scientists who are working with and optimizing protocols on a daily basis are usually not the same ones who are writing for NIH money.

And many of the designers on Ravelry are indeed forced to come up with new designs all the time, to maintain their livelihood (and to receive samples and supplies from yarn and notions producers). I don't know enough about medieval guilds to say whether the Ravelry community resembles them.

Interesting definition of notions. I had always understood it to include the needle, thread, tape measure, small scissors, thimble, and any other small items needed to work on the particular project, not just the things you're attatching to it.

(Who learnt to sew before she learnt to read or write, which may or may not help in understanding terms.)

By eleanora. (not verified) on 15 Jun 2009 #permalink

I'm not a terribly good seamstress, but I get by thanks to craft shop in school. We had woodworking and sewing every second term.

For most craftspeople, the problem is not in coming up with new designs, but in having time to execute them. I have sketches, ideas and plans for enough sewing, costuming, quilts, knitting, nalbinding, embroidery, and tablet weaving, to keep me going for the next couple of hundred years.

By eleanora. (not verified) on 16 Jun 2009 #permalink

Martin, the TT is a motorcycle road race. The fastest, craziest people complete a ~60 km lap in under 17 minutes. Bearing in mind there's a few hairpin turns and about 500m elevation difference between lowest and highest points on the route and much of it goes through towns and villages, it's a fairly impressive feat to reach average speeds of well over 200 km/h...

And actually, I've been on the island on my own since Christmas while the missus has been back home in Finland, working in daycare and being pregnant. I've missed essentially the entire pregnancy, which means I missed not only the morning sickness, but also that I've for example never felt the baby kicking. I'm moving back home in 5 weeks, to set up my own little watchmaker's workshop and preparing for the baby. Counting the days, believe you me.