The ResMed and the Farrell Family Foundations Return for the Third Time as Festival Sponsors!

The ResMed Foundation and the Farrell Family Foundation, which served as key Sponsors for the inaugural Festival last year and for the original San Diego Science Festival(SM) (organized by the Science Spark team) in 2009, is continuing its support by signing on as a Sponsor for the 2nd USA Science & Engineering Festival in 2012!

i-a762655ac95420efc1221dff3ba33e47-img_p_farrell.jpg"As the world becomes increasingly complex," says Dr. Peter C. Farrell, Founder of the Farrell Family Foundation and Founder, Chairman and CEO of ResMed Corporation, "an understanding of science and technology is ever more critical - which is the value that a nationwide science event such as the Festival can provide. We need bright children to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics, otherwise we are in danger of public policy being decided by ignorance rather than circumspection."

When first approached by the Festival, Dr. Farrell immediately saw the importance of this major event and committed funds from the ResMed and Farrell Family Foundations to support the Festival's mission.

In addition, he says, the Festival, in its goal to motivate and encourage more students to pursue careers in STEM, is helping to assure a robust climate of innovation and entrepreneurship for tomorrow in America, which in turn will help drive economic growth, wealth and job creation.

"In short," says Dr. Farrell, "we need to stimulate a critical mass of bright students to undertake careers in science and engineering or society as a whole will suffer. The ResMed and Farrell Family Foundations are committed to helping catalyze this process."

Learn more about The ResMed Foundation and the Farrell Family Foundation.

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That is great. We don't have enough motivation for students to get interested in science in the first place. I'm guessing this is the same ResMed who makes medical equipment. I wonder if they are looking for speakers? I'd certainly be interested if they are.

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