Weekend Fun at the Manor

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I was headed for a lonely November weekend with wife & daughter abroad and son with his mom. So I rounded up three friends (though Paddy K was kept from coming along at the last minute by a big meltdown at work), loaded my best board games and a couple of grocery bags into the family car, and drove to Stjernsund manor in Närke.

Our way there was kind of interesting. I plotted a course that would be as close to a straight line as possible yet largely follow major highways. This meant that we spent two hours at about 110 km/h from Stockholm to Norrköping and thence to Finspång and onward a bit to the northwest - and then we spent an hour at about 70 km/h crossing the wooded and thinly populated highlands of Tiveden in complete darkness on small roads that are for some part not even asphalt. But Swedepat drove that bit without a hitch.

Our stay at Stjernsund was just as good as I had hoped. We took walks, we played board games, we read, we went geocaching, we cooked fine meals and me & Tor sung harmony to celebrate Swedepat's birthday. I also had the good fortune to catch an incredible sunrise yesterday with camera in hand.

The fish sculpture below consists of auto parts, has the witty name Soppatorsk and was created by comic artist Joakim Lindengren!

And you Dear Reader? What did you do for fun this past weekend?







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Wow! The shots out of doors are marvellous. One can only imagine what future archaeologists might make of that fish sculpture!

Alas, our weekend was spent cleaning up garden detritus, but one can live vicariously, I suppose, through Swedes.