Rick Astley and Nirvana

Thanks to Swedepat for the tip-off.


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Thanks to Felicia for the tip-off.
Thanks to Daniel Lindskog for the tip-off.
Thanks to Pär for the tip-off. OM's singer/bassist used to be a member of the legendary doom band Sleep.
More good and witty UK rapping, this time a year-old hit from Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Thanks to Paddy K for the tip-off.

That doesn't really work considering one is in a minor key and one is in a (sympathetic) major key. The clashing accidentals make this painful to listen to.

BTW, please tell me I don't have to define "accidentals."

I sang Schumann's Mondnacht in recital yesterday. Not at all painful in spite of clashing accidentals.
Shame about RA being blocked out for German viewers.

That is the most amazing mashup I've ever seen. Clashing accidentals just add to its beauty. Did you know that Nick Lowe wrote song lyrics that rhymed "Astley" and "ghastly"? It's true. Why haven't more people done that?