Homeopathic Emergency Room

Thanks to Felicia for the tip-off.

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More good and witty UK rapping, this time a year-old hit from Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. Thanks to Paddy K for the tip-off.
Thanks to Daniel Lindskog for the tip-off.
Jack Chick is an insane Christian cartoonist. Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an atheist horror writer who wrote about people being driven insane. In Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis's brilliant 2000 tract, Chick and Lovecraft are made one. Thanks to Kalle Bäcklander for the tip-off.
Lore Sjöberg at Wired celebrates the achievement of recently deceased gaming wizard Gary Gygax with an entertaining look at what it would be like if Dungeons & Dragons characters behaved like archaeologists.May 16 We have nearly finished our initial survey of the outer flagstones of the…

Brilliant! I will be distributing this further!

Great Spaghettimonster - I love Mitchell and Webb. Dest thing to happen to British comedy since Fry and Laurie. Mitchell also writes amazingly good colulmns in the Guardian. Always schocking to find out that people with real talent also possess real brains.

Considering the terrifying popularity of homeopathic medicines in Britain this is a potentially unpopulat sketch they made. Kudos to that!

Fantastic! A bit of humor can often make an argument much more eloquently than logic can -- especially to those who refuse to think logically.

By DianaGainer (not verified) on 05 Jul 2009 #permalink