New Lovecraft Film Trailer

Here's more info. Thanks to Asko for the heads-up!


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It literally took me a good 20 seconds to figure out what was. . . off. . . about the first photo in this great post by Emily at SheChive. Sigh. ;) Thanks to Jake for the heads-up!
From Inhabitat: Artist Brandon Jon Blommaert's recycled trash robots (yes, they're real sculptures) lay waste to Photoshopped landscapes. Check out his flickr page for more - and a "making of" series of photos showing how he built these steampunky robot overlords, who are destined for a Canadian…
Something that may be the earliest known settlement site in the Americas has been found -- in Minnesota of all places. It's just a knapped-stone assemblage, no organics, so there can be no radiocarbon dates until they dig some more and get lucky. The find's position in the geological stratigraphy…
Richard Dawkins is heading to the US heartland for a series of speaking engagements: He is to address a series of 2,000-seater venues in the American heartlands. The tour will coincide with the publication of his best-seller The God Delusion in paperback in the US in January and act as a prelude to…

Ooo cool. I've been looking forward to that. The HPLHS has also done some excellent cds. "Shoggoth on the Roof" (a filk of "Fiddler on the Roof") is loads of fun and their Scary Solstice albums are the perfect anodyne to typical holiday music. I don't have to hear the Little Drummer Boy any longer since I can now substitute the words to "Little Rare Books Room". Much better!

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."

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