Weekend Fun


  • Celebrated 100th birthday of my mom's aunt, a sprightly and clear-minded lady who likes conversation and hugs and has no problem recognising her niece's kids who rarely visit.
  • Attended concert with six kids' choirs (including Juniorette's). One of the choirs had five boys, the others House-warming party at my buddy Moomin's new place. Very happy to see the guy get a real home where he can entertain his friends instead of the dusty broom closet he slept in for so many years.
  • Watched the hit musical version of Kipling's Jungle Book at the Stockholm City Theatre. Lots of references to movies and current topics, including merciless digs at the xenophobic Swedish Democrat Party. Frank N. Further from Rocky Horror as Bagheera! Good stuff.
  • Played boardgames: Hansa, Power Grid and For Sale.

What did you do for fun, Dear Reader?


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Swedish Democrat Party: the never-ending source of unintentional humour. Earlier, one got thrown out for racist e-mails. This week, one of their members of parliament has taken "time out" after cops found him in the stairwell outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment "...extremely intoxicated with liquor and tablets" and having smashed furniture. Emulating "Crazy Mel" Gibson??? http://www.thelocal.se/31878/20110207/

By contrast, the drunken antics of Lars Werner, a former Left Party leader, merely boosted his popularity. He was seen as a genuine worker, not a poseur like so many of the other lefties. While his party only got 5-6%, his personal popularity was among the highest of Swedish party leaders.

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Martin, have you read "Rocky" by Martin Kellerman? -Especially the part where he states the whole reason for living to ninety or more is to have your countless descendants gathered around your hospital bed and say "if it wasn't for me none of you would have existed! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 07 Feb 2011 #permalink

Yeah, Lars Werner, a real worker whose 60th birthday party was paid for clandestinely by the Russian embassy...

I do read Rocky, pretty much every day!

I have fighted agains my cold by staying inside the house while my girlfriend had to chop wood on her own. During the two last weekends I have seen youtube clips of "Svea Rikes Vagga"(The cradle of the Swedish Kingdom), both the banned TV-series and the debates after that.

It is interesting to hear theories that relies on written sources and very little on what has been found in the soil. Different landscapes have been forwarded as the single cradle without putting that into context of all surrouding landscapes.

By Thomas Ivarsson (not verified) on 07 Feb 2011 #permalink

Attended final regular season game of our college men's ice hockey team. We won 8â2, in fantastic play vs. talented opponents, and (obviously) without recording a goal missed by a blind Ref. Hockey at my university is a "club sport" meaning the guys must "pay to play" and the team depends on donations. They are doing great!

Shopped with my daughter for appropriate costuming items for her Rocky Horror-themed figure skating program in upcoming competition. (Bought myself a white fringed scarf with aviator panache.)

Season 2.0 of Battlestar Galactica.

Saturday: pumped iron in the gym.

Sunday: pumped iron in the gym.

There was some other fun stuff, but that was the most fun part.

By Sandgroper (not verified) on 07 Feb 2011 #permalink

Saturday: Finished reading Per Pettersons fantastic "Ut å stjæle hester" ("Out stealing horses").
Sunday: A long walk with the family along the stormy sea.

Apart from that: Mostly cooking and watching Battlestar Galactica - season 4.0.

Very nice wekend, actually.

Out Stealing Horses is a great book. I need to find his other novels that are available in English. I think there are a couple more translated?

What is it about this blog that attracts brainy women who like Per Pettersson and Battlestar Galactica? Uncanny!

This week, Our Heroes carried out their intended mission without destroying the world!

Okay, so there was a war (but just a little one), and the town was burned to the ground (all but this one building...), but all-in-all, an improvement over our Standard Procedure!

Her knee joints are in remarkably good shape, then.

By Sandgroper (not verified) on 07 Feb 2011 #permalink

We have to make heavy use of those sandboxes these days...

-Here is somehing to eat along with the bread from the previous posting. In the coming summer weekends, you can sit alongside the bears and snatch these from the river :)
Incidentally, I grew up alongside one of those Swedish rivers where salmon used to be so bountiful that the farmhands had it written into their contracts that they would NOT have to eat salmon every day.
(And on the bare cliffsides eroded by the rapids, there turned out to be rock carvings -but they were only visible when the shadows were long).

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 07 Feb 2011 #permalink