George Hrab Hits Scandinavia: The Golden Ticket Tour

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When skeptical darling George Hrab released his latest album, Trebuchet, he placed a golden ticket in the sleeve of one copy that went into regular distribution. On the ticket was Hrab's phone number and a promise to come and play a gig for free at the venue of the recipient's choice. When the call came, it was from a guy in Helsinki.

Upon Hrab's mentioning this on his podcast, I suggested to my fellow board members of the Swedish Skeptics that we might make the trip worthwhile for the man and organise some Swedish gigs. Everybody liked the idea, and Hrab was happy to oblige. Then the Norwegian Skeptics got in touch and asked to get in on our scheme. And so, we're hosting the Golden Ticket Tour!

  • Mon 14 Feb. Lund, 19:00, Gloria's Sports Bar, Sankt Petri kyrkogata 9.
  • Tue 15 Feb. Gothenburg, 19:00, Henriksberg, Stigbergsliden 7.
  • Wed 16 Feb. Oslo, 18:00, Café Mir, Toftesgate 69.
  • Thu 17 Feb. Stockholm, 19:00, Big Ben, Folkungagatan 97.
  • Fri 18 Feb. Helsinki, 20:00, Black Door, Iso Roobertinkatu 1.

Check out the live footage from Hrab's Dublin gig on Sat 12 February!

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He is a heliocentric!?! We don't allow that kinda stuff here in Texas. At least, I think we don't.

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