Six Years Of Blogging


Today is my sixth birthday as a blogger! Normally these days I would use Twitter and Facebook for such a brief message, but it is after all blog-related.

Here also are the latest pics of an Aard reader wearing one of the blog t-shirts (order here). Andrew Broome is a culinary engineer based in Palmerston North, New Zealand. He comments on the pic below that the spot is "probably as far away from you as it'll ever get, short of being sent into space" -- Bluff, SNZ is the southernmost town in the country. Thanks Andrew! I really want to go to NZ.

Dear Reader, keep those comments and t-shirt/mug pics coming!


Update next day: Here are my annual traffic stats (mean uniques).

  • 2006: 157 daily readers
  • 2007: 852 daily readers
  • 2008: 937 daily readers
  • 2009: 714 daily readers
  • 2010: 1005 daily readers
  • 2011: 906 daily readers (updated on 1 Jan.)

The figure for 2011 should be seen against the background that in early August, the overall hit rate for the entire ScienceBlogs network dropped almost by half because the Pharyngulites left. Pharyngula is still available on Sb, but it's a sanitised subset of PZ's feed, missing the aggressive anti-religion material that our new Overlords can't condone. Consequently, the casual spillover traffic from Pharyngula to other Sb blogs has shrunk dramatically. I don't mind much, since I mainly care about attracting and keeping a regular readership.


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When Andrew dons that Superman/Aard gear, he can fly away to any of those destinations in minutes.
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"Has Chinaâs Communist Party âLost All Control"?
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"Tool detects patterns hidden in vast data sets"
Maybe a way for you to figure out the criteria used for selecting bronze age sacrifice sites? ...Yes, I know, not enough data.

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 16 Dec 2011 #permalink

Palmerston North, New Zealand.

I've got a spare bed for anyone who happens to be in the neighbourhood.

The New Zealand pictures shows the sunlight in a way that we are most distant from at the moment here in Scandinavia. Still in Malmo it is not as bad as in Stockholm. We have 50 minutes additional daylight compared to the capital(as of 1658 ad).

By thomas ivarsson (not verified) on 17 Dec 2011 #permalink