Great Spotted Woodpecker At My Window




Nice photos! Thank you for sharing. Do you make your own suet cakes?

I looked at photos on Google and not all of them seem to feature the buff color on the breast and forehead. Is this sex, age, or regional variation?

Thank you! I buy the suet balls for the birds. (There's birdseed in them too. Blackbirds often sit around under the balls and pick up the seeds as they fall.) But I have been known to make suet-based puddings for human consumption.

Or could it be seasonal variation? Doesn't seem to be sex at any rate. This bird is a female as she lacks a red spot on her neck.

Nice, we dont have that type here..we put shredded breads outside every evening and about 15 types of birds come for their meals.. :)

Just catching on some of your earlier missives. Great entertainment over cold winters in interior Alaska: watching the several kinds of woodpeckers, chickadees, and Canada jays demolish the column of beef suet (encased in a chicken wire tube). But, something not experienced before in 50 years watching is the sight of a male hairy woodpecker teaching his young (3 last summer) how to feed from a seed feeder with a narrow, slippery plastic ledge. Much squawking and angst; but, eventually, they all learned how to hang upside down and munch on black oil sunflower seeds. :)

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 10 May 2012 #permalink