Fornvännen's Winter Issue On-Line

With Fornvännen's summer issue on its way from the printers to subscribers, we have published the full contents of last winter's issue on-line (2011:4). This is one of the rare cases where no women have contributed papers, but it's good stuff anyway.

  • Robin Lindblad on why axes were depicted on Bronze Age rock carvings.
  • Michael Schneider on the landscape / societal background to Broby place names.
  • Helmer Gustavson & J.O.H. Swantesson give three newish runic inscriptions with the early futhark the full philological treatment.
  • Andreas Wiberg & Anders Wikström on geophys mapping of a Sigtuna monastery.
  • Anders Nord & Kate Tronner on the pigments used by Medieval mural painters in Sweden.
  • Robin Gullbrandsson on dendro dates that prove a Småland tithes barn to be Sweden's oldest standing wooden building.
  • Per-Axel Wiktorsson on who wrote the Chronicle of Duke Erik, the oldest narrative source on the Swedish Middle Ages.
  • Christian Lovén on previously disregarded written sources regarding the arm position of Medieval burials.
  • Immo Trinks & Anders Biwall on what a lightning strike site looks like on a magnetometry map.
  • Book reviews.

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Martin, you need to fix the link (not everyone will be able to fix it on their own)

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I read Gustavson & Swantesson, too bad the subject requires some substantial background knowledge to appreciate the article.
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(OT) Here is something to give the skeptics a good laugh;
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Colbert dares Sweden: 'Take a chance on me!'

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