Profile of Arrested Oslo Terrorist


Hours after the terrible deaths in Oslo, police arrested a 32 year old man, Anders Behring Breivik, suspected for the crimes, described as "Nationalist, Anti-Islamic, Anti-Multiculturalism, liked and plays World of Warcraft."

Below is a news release, translated from Norwegian using Google Translate: (selected excerpts)

(AP) Anders Behring Breivik (32) who has been arrested for the bomb in the city center, and mass killing, has lived in Oslo's West End in his life, before he announced relocation of Hedmark for a month.

VG has received confirmation from several independent sources that it was Anders Behring Breivik, who was arrested by armed police after the mass killings of Utøya Friday.

From what VG has reported Breivik is unknown to the police before.

In online debates marks Anders Behring Breivik as well read, and one with strong opinions about Norwegian politics. He promotes a very conservative opinions, which he also called nationalist. He expresses himself strongly opposed to multiculturalism - that cultural differences can live together in a community.

In one of the posts he states that politics today no longer revolves around socialism against capitalism, but that the fight is between nationalism and internationalism. He expressed clear support for the nationalist mindset.

Six days ago he released his first and only message on the social networking site Twitter, where he laid out a famous quote by British philosopher John Stuart Mill sosialliberalisten.

"One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 WHO garden only interests."

The 32-year-old man has been active in video games and has been involved in the online game World of Warcraft. In connection with this game, he posted a picture of a pistol.

My thoughts go out to the victims and their families. What can we learn from this?


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Corrected. Thank you. What a terrible error; just shows you Google Translate is not perfect.

Quick - we must round up all WoW players!

Strip searches of all blond men!!

For the Security of the Homeland!!1!

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 22 Jul 2011 #permalink

We need to arm up and invade the World of Warcraft! We have to fight them there so that we won't fight them here.

I do wonder how this will get spun (if it is even mentioned) by the right-wingers. This guy could be a tea-party poster boy if he were in America.

this won't be mentioned in American media that much. I hear more about Amy Winehouse being found dead.

Quick - let's start a rumor that Anders Behring Breivik killed Amy Winehouse, so the US media will notice him!

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 23 Jul 2011 #permalink

He looks like a douchebag.

By Katharine (not verified) on 25 Jul 2011 #permalink