Fornvännen's Summer Issue On-Line

A teenage boy carved this imagery, along with some lines of runic script copied from a book, onto a Viking Period whetstone he found in a Sigtuna spoil dump.

Read it all on-line, Open Access!

  • Lars Larsson presents some Late Palaeolithic antler artefacts from Scania.
  • Olle Andersson makes and tests lots and lots of spearheads to investigate how the Iron Age ones found at Uppåkra got all bent and curled up.
  • Helmer Gustavson announces the confession of the man who faked the Sigtuna runic whetstone, and looks at how scholars have dealt with this strange object in their writings.
  • Timo Salminen investigates the professional relationship between two great archaeologists of the past, Ella Kivikoski in Finland and Harri Moora in Estonia, and their contacts with Scandinavia.
  • Jan Gullman and Aard regular Christina Reid look deep into an Iron Age weight system.
  • Påvel Nicklasson publishes and comments on some of 19th century antiquarian Nils Henrik Sjöborg's poetry – which thereby sees print for the first time in the man's home country.

Also a big and feisty debate section, and interesting book reviews.

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The bogus carvings have "contemporary fake" written all over them!
PS. Some crank named Watts is threatening to sue Greg Laden. Have you ever been presented with a similar honor?

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 25 Jan 2013 #permalink

I haven't been treatened personally with a suit, but the Swedish Skeptics were and that landed on whoever was registered as the publisher of our website. Not me.

And regarding the carvings, I believe there was this idea that the runes might be ancient and the figures recent.

Excellent, google persistently translates "fynd" as "bargain", which hardly does justice to your efforts.

Could have been worse. At least the lad had a go at some Art.
At that age most of them would have gone for the traditional CDC

By dustbubble (not verified) on 27 Jan 2013 #permalink

The bloke in the background is clearly an to an alien with prominent eyes, and a spherical sensor array (parabolic antenna?) above the head.
PS What has the Center of Disease Control got to do with it? :)

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 29 Jan 2013 #permalink