Registration Opens For European Skeptics Conference

conf-logoRegistration has opened for the 15th European Skeptics Conference. Hie thee there and register NOW, because there's only 400 tickets!

Here's the confirmed (still evolving) line-up:

  • Anna Bäsén (Sweden): Undercover Health Journalism
  • Chris French (UK): Psychological Perspectives on Paranormal Belief and Experience
  • Maria Berglund (Sweden): Våra opålitliga hjärnor: hur fel vi uppfattar världen och hur fel vi tänker om det vi uppfattar
  • Dénis Caroti (France): CorteX and Chomsky's Wish
  • Kendrick Frazier (US) of the Committe for Skeptical Inquiry: title to be announced.
  • Christer Fuglesang (Sweden): ESA: Did You Know That You Too Are Co-Owner of a Space Agency?
  • D.J. Grothe (US) of the James Randi Educational Foundation: Critical-thinking Teaching Materials for Schools
  • Kristine Hjulstad (Norway): How Magicians Fool Our Brains
  • Catherine de Jong (Netherlands): Pseudoscientific Addiction Treatments
  • Max Maven (US) does magic
  • Michael "Marsh" Marshall (UK): Bad News. PR and Spin in the Media
  • Beatrice Mautino (Italy): Solving Mysteries to Learn Science (and Vice Versa)
  • Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling (Sweden): A Fact-based Worldview Through Animated Data
  • Hayley Stevens (UK): The Things That Go Bump In The Night: A Look At The True Menace Of The Ghost Hunt
  • Tom Stone (Sweden): The Art of Deception
  • Barbro Walker (Germany): A Close Look at Brain Gym
  • Tomasz Witkowski (Poland): Is Psychology a Cargo-Cult Science?

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Maybe potential guests from adjacent countries could get in touch here and check the opportunities for car-pooling? Might not be realistic for Brits, but people in northern Germany could swing by others in Denmark, and share the travel cost.

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 21 Mar 2013 #permalink