In My Earbuds Lately

For months I subscribed to too many podcasts, and so wasn't listening to a lot of music. But lately I've made an effort to rectify that. Here's what I've been bopping to.

  • Apples In Stereo – Travellers In Space And Time (2010). Lots of vocoder!
  • David Bowie – Pin Ups (1973). Glam covers of 60s British pop tunes.
  • Brimstone Solar Radiation Band – Solstice (2005). Norway's finest psychedelia!
  • Jet – Shaka Rock (2009). Stonesy, amazingly derivative and amazingly good.
  • Midlake – Courage of Others (2010). Mournful, close two-part harmony, guitars, flute, always on the brink of over-earnestness.
  • Norm Sherman – Esoteric Order of Sherman (2012). Masterfully genre-spanning geek comedy songs.
  • Sword – Age of Winters (2006). Black Sabbath devotees lamenting the passing of the aurochs.
  • Tame Impala – Lonerism (2012). Australian Lennon soundalike plays spaced-out pop under the direction of ex-Mercury-Rev producer.
  • Yes – Fragile (1971). Exuberantly intricate prog rock.

Now tell me about some more good albums!


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Black Keys – Brothers (2010). Soulful vocals and psychedelic guitars. Brimstone Solar Radiation Band – Solstice (2005). Melodic Norwegian psych. David Bowie – Low (1977). Soul rock interleaved with ambient instrumentals. Howlin' Rain – Magnificent Fiend (2008). Soulful vocals and psychedelic…
The increasing number of podcasts I subscribe to has tended to crowd music out a bit from my earbuds in recent months. But I do have some good albums to recommend. Here's what's on my smartphone right now. Fleet Foxes. Fleet Foxes. 2008. Folky guitars and complex vocal harmonies. Heavy Blinkers.…
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Here are some albums that I've been listening to lately. (The previous peek into my listening habits is from May 2010!) Daikaiju. Daikaiju. 2005. Virtuoso instrumental surf rock. Dungen. Skit i allt. 2010. Psychedelic 70s prog. Graveyard. Hisingen Blues. 2011. Bluesy and psychedelic 70s metal.…

Some bands you might like, based on the above: Foxygen, The Lonely Wild, Fort Lean, Young Jesus.

By Peter Lindberg (not verified) on 23 May 2013 #permalink

I'm picking up the debut album by Mysteriet ( on Tuesday when I do lunch with their drummer, a former colleague of mine. If it's as good as the first released track, I'll be sure to tell you more about it.

Give Anais Mitchell's Hadestown a try. A "folk opera" telling of the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice "set in a post-apocalyptic Depression Era."