Metal Detectorist Tattoo #1 - Falck

Yesterday I learned about a cool new tradition among metal detectorists. They're having images of their favourite finds tattooed, often on the arm with which they hold the detector! Note that in Scandinavia these are generally objects that the finders have handed in to museums – they keep them only as tattoos. This is in line with the Danish way of regulating metal detectors: there the submitters of each year's ten best finds are invited to the Finds Oscars in Copenhagen and are publicly honoured by my colleagues.

Hugo Falck found this beautiful brooch in 2014 while collaborating with a colleague of mine over an important new site in Østfold, SE Norway. It belongs to type J1 which I have defined and dated to some time in the 7th century in a 2003 paper. (I didn't know of any find combinations that would let me narrow the date down.) It is probably an import piece from nearby Jutland. Many thanks to Hugo for letting me show his photos.

I can feel a blog series coming on! Dear Reader, have you got a tattoo of an artefact that you've found? I'd love to show it here!

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Im one of those you talk about☺ i had my frist "danefæ" tattoed on my leg. I dont know if you know whatever danefæ is? If you want the pigture on your blog it is okay by me☺ send me a mail if you want the pigtures☺

I have also a tattoo of a brooch. Found in a "grav haug" located on my farm. Would love to show it off an lett you put it on your blog ;-)