Donors Choose: final standing

While I'm taking care of some housekeeping, I'll mention the final numbers for the Scienceblogs Donors Choose 2007 challenge. In 2006, we raised collectively just over $34,000 (which included $10K from Seed media). This year, we extended the drive a bit, upped our individual blog goals, and Janet has the final tally: just a hair shy of $73,000 (which included $15K from Seed this year). I want to send out a final thanks to readers here who donated, no matter what amount. I also encourage everyone to take a look at some of Janet's suggestions on how to keep momentum going, and work for good education even if your own personal bank account isn't overflowing. I think we have an amazing community here at Scienceblogs, and your help in pulling this off just reaffirms that notion--thanks again.

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